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4 Reasons Why You Should Stop Industrial Painting Your Facility's Floors and Move to Marking Tape

Posted by Sydney Cross on

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For years it was a common practice for companies to paint lines on the floors of factories, warehouses, and other related facilities. Industrial line painting was used to direct traffic, identify hazards, create safe walkways, and organize the workspace.

However, the process of industrial floor painting can be costly and very time-consuming. With all of the challenges of warehouse line painting, industrial floor marking tape has become a cost-efficient and preferred alternative.

Mighty Line Tape from Heavy Duty Tape is ideal for industrial floor marking in warehouses, oil and gas facilities, and many other industrial settings.

1. Save Time

By choosing to use floor marking tape from Heavy Duty Tape instead of painting your facility’s floors, you will save a great amount of time. Our tape is very easy to apply to floors and takes significantly less time to apply compared to industrial line painting because nothing needs to dry. Also, once the tape is applied, regular warehouse activities can continue immediately.

For an even quicker application, we offer a number of tape applicators that work with our line striping tapes. Our Mighty Line Tape Applicators include:

2. Save Money

When you use floor marking tape from Heavy Duty Tape instead of painting your warehouse floors, you will not only save yourself time, but also money.

In a warehouse, you will typically have to paint lines on your floors multiple times a year, and the process to paint floors can be very expensive. Some of the costs included in painting include:

  • Cost of the paint
  • Cost of labor to paint the warehouse floors
  • Cost of time and work lost due to painting and waiting for the paint to dry

When opting for marking tape instead of paint, you will only have to pay for the tape once every three years. All Heavy Duty Marking Tape products are backed with a 3-year warranty and last 6x as long as paint.

Additionally, marking tape from Heavy Duty Tape is quick and easy to apply, so you will not have to give up precious work hours to wait for a painter to paint the floors and for the paint to dry.

Overall, utilizing floor marking tape in your warehouse is significantly less expensive when compared to industrial floor painting in your warehouse.

3. Maintain a 5S Warehouse

Industrial painting isn’t ideal for a warehouse because paint easily fades over time. Between foot and wheel traffic, as well as cleaning, paint will crack and rub off quickly.

Unlike warehouse line painting, floor marking tape from Heavy Duty Tape is meant to withstand everything within a warehouse. Our tape is 50 mil thick and can easily withstand the following conditions and more:

  • Foot traffic
  • Forklift traffic
  • Truck traffic
  • Industrial scrubbing machines

Additionally, our floor marking tape is available in industry standard colors, so that you can maintain a 5S methodology in your warehouse. Our floor marking tapes will not fade in color, meaning that your facility will stay organized and in order longer.

In need of a color or design you don’t see on our website? We offer custom tape orders so that you can maintain a high quality of 5S initiatives.

4. Easy to Remove

In a 5S facility, it is common for floor layouts to change in order to increase work efficiency. Once a floor is painted, it can be very difficult to remove the paint without damaging the warehouse floor. Paint-stripping chemicals can strip the background tint from concrete, making the warehouse floor look unattractive. Additionally, leaving old painted lines on a warehouse floor can lead to confusion and workplace mishaps.

Unlike paint, our floor marking tape can easily be removed if there are any changes to the layout of your workspace. Additionally, our line striping tape will leave no residue once removed, making it the ideal choice for a 5S workplace.

Floor Marking Tape – The Ideal Alternative to Industrial Floor Painting

In all, floor marking tape is an ideal alternative to industrial painting. Not only will it save you time and money, but it will also keep your workplace organized and running efficiently.

If you are considering making the change to floor marking tape in your facility, contact our team for a free consultation.


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