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White floor tape from Heavy Duty Tape never disappoints, being the go-to product for many sectors, particularly warehousing, oil and gas, factories, and other industrial settings. Our Mighty Line white tape is utilized for diverse purposes in facilities nationwide, adheres to 5S guidelines, and is available in various sizes. 

The Right White Safety Tape for Your Facility

Our tape is notable for its long-lasting durability with its beveled edges that are able to withstand significant forklift and foot traffic, along with its ability to stay both clean and vibrant.

Standard Solid White Floor Marking Tape

Our our industrial white floor marking tape comes in numerous widths, and includes the following options:

Using this for 5S-standard-approved tape, your facility will be safely sectioned off. White floor tape is essential for every warehouse, defining resting areas, organization systems, and traffic directions.

White Marking Tape Capabilities

Our 50-MIL-thick white tape will help improve numerous aspects of your facility. Several benefits of using our tape include:

  • Saving Time – Not only can painting be a time-consuming process, the paint can take hours to dry, which results in halting working hours. When you choose marking tape, though, application takes minutes and you have the ability to work immediately once the tape is placed.
  • Saving Money – With chips that occur and retouching that needs done, paint creates the need for constant upkeep, especially in facilities with more foot and heavy wheel traffic. This only results in more paint, more application time, more labor, and even more downtime when you could be moving product.
  • Maintaining a 5S-Approved Space – Our tape is warrantied to stay in place for up to 3 years, with no touch ups or reapplications needed. This will help you keep your facility following the 5S color code and keep your workspace, and employees, safe.

And in addition to our solid white floor tape, we can create custom designs and signs that match the style of your tape to provide for a uniform look in your warehouse. 

Applying Your White Floor Tape

You are setting yourself and your company up for success when you invest in our durable white tape. Using white floor marking tape will improve the organization of your facility, as well as its safety and efficiency. 

The application is quite simple. Once the application space is clean and dry, simply peel and place your white marking tape in position. Using a consistent technique, the tape will stay in place, with our warrantied guarantee of 3 years.

With no residue left behind, our tape is quite simple to remove as well! When it’s time to replace your white tape, simply use a thin tool, like a screwdriver or X-Acto Knife, to reach under the beveled edges to begin the process. Our tape pulls up all in one piece, making removal time the least of your concerns with keeping your facility running.

The White Tape Solution for Your Business. Contact Us Today!

From meeting safety guidelines to providing backroom organization, our white floor marking tape can transform and improve any workspace. Feel free to reach out to our team for a free quote today! We can’t wait to work with you.



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