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At Heavy Duty Tape, we help improve productivity and safety to diverse workplaces. With our trusted Mighty Line Tape line of products, we’re the ideal company to provide floor tapes for warehouses, oil and gas facilities, and many other industrial settings. Our orange safety tape is used nationwide to promote the best practices for safety in these fields.

Our Options for Orange Floor Marking Tape

Our colored marking tapes are long-lasting, and will maintain their vibrancy within highly trafficked areas.

Solid Standard Orange Safety Tape

With several different widths available, some of our industrial orange floor tape options we carry include:

Orange Floor Tape for Floor Traffic

Used frequently for forklift traffic, other options we carry are patterned orange floor tapes: 

Other tapes to help with traffic direction incorporate arrows. Our pop out arrow floor tape allows for individual placement of each arrow, offered in two different sizes, including:

In addition to our arrows and patterned tape, we also sell custom segments for your company. All facilities have unique needs, and at Heavy Duty Tape, we make sure those needs are met by way of several tape widths including: 

Used in warehouses across the nation for optimal safety, our tape helps implement and maintain the 5S color code for all facility safety needs. Whether you’re following the guide for inspection areas, or setting traffic lanes for forklift travel, our orange marking tape is perfect to help get the job done.

How Orange Marking Tape Can Transform Your Space

With beveled edges and 50-MIL thickness, our orange tape helps meet essential standards in your warehouse. Several benefits of our tape include:

  • Saving Time – With continual touch-ups and drying needs, painting can take vital time away from work hours. With floor tape, you can work immediately following installation, helping keep the flow of the workplace constant.
  • Saving Money – Floor paint requires touch-ups or reapplication several times a year, sometimes every month. With one-time installation and vibrant colors, our floor tapes cut out maintenance time and will stay in place for three years.
  • Maintaining a 5S-Approved Space – Floor tape maintains its color and its shape from forklift traffic. It even withstands machine cleaning, making your job even easier when it comes to safety.

Orange Floor Marking Tape with Easy Application

Organization, safety, and efficiency are all aspects that Heavy Duty Tape will improve in your company’s facility. By using our orange safety tape, you’re setting your company up for success.

To properly install the orange floor tape, peel the liner off and place it on a clean, dry surface. Applying the rest of the roll consistently will ensure long-lasting results, with the tape warrantied to stay in place for 3 years. 

With easy application and easy removal, Heavy Duty Tape provides the best tape in the industry. To replace your tape, the orange marking tape peels up in one piece with zero stickiness and residue. All you need is a thin tool to slide under the tape’s beveled edges to begin removal.

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