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Heavy Duty Tape provides a variety of floor marking tapes used in different work environments that increase the safety, efficiency, organization, and even appearance of the workplace. Our safety products are commonly used in warehouses, oil and gas facilities, and in a wide array of other industrial conditions.

Our floor tape is second to none and serves as the best choice for your industrial work environment. The floor marking tape we offer is seven times thicker than the average floor tape and also features a beveled edge for increased durability. With an easy, peel-and-stick application that leaves behind no residue, our 5S tape is the long-lasting, cost-effective solution to the problem of painted lines.

Check out our products and see how our black floor tape can improve your warehouse safety today!

The Black Floor Marking Tape We Offer

Our safety marking tape comes in a variety of industry-standard colors to meet all of your 5S needs, and has been designed to withstand forklifts, scrubbers, and even the harshest of industrial conditions.

Under the 5S color code system, black, along with blue and green, is used in the following ways:

  • To denote materials or notices, which can include resources/raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished work
  • Often utilized in spaces that are monitored on a frequent basis

Our Solid Black 5S Tape

Our black floor marking tape is available in a variety of width options to accommodate your facility’s needs. Browse our selection below:

Black Floor Tape for Facility Marking

We also carry black floor tape options to aide in the traffic flow of your facility. Our Mighty Line pop out arrows allow for individual installation and can be applied to concrete, metal, wood, and asphalt. 

Our Mighty Line black safety tape T’s are a powerful marking tool used to mark off particular areas on your floor. They can be utilized to help maintain inventory, tool, and employee organization. Some size options include:

In addition to our pop out arrows and T tape, Heavy Duty Tape also offers custom cut tape segments to meet any industrial adhesive needs, no matter the size requirements. Custom cut segments are available in the following measurements:

If you are in need of a segment length that is not listed above, contact us today for a quote.

Use Our Black Floor Tape to Transform Your Space

Our black 5S tape is designed for durability and features beveled edges and 50-MIL thickness, which has been shown to last 6 times longer than paint. Additionally, we also offer a 3-year warranty on all of our floor safety tapes.

Mighty Line floor tape comes with many useful advantages to improve warehouse safety and efficiency. Some of the benefits of our tape include: 

  • Saving Time – With frequent touch-ups and drying needs, paint can take vital time away from work hours. Our floor marking tape is equipped with a quick and easy peel-and-stick application, allowing you to get back to work immediately.
  • Saving Money – Floor paint requires fresh coats or reapplication quite often – sometimes every month. With one-time installation and long-lasting durability, our floor marking tape cuts out these extra costs and will stay in place for three years.
  • Maintaining a 5S-Approved Space – Floor tape keeps its color and its shape, maintaining integrity against foot and forklift traffic. It even withstands machine cleaning and harsh industrial environments, providing a long-lasting, cost-effective solution to your warehouse needs.

Contact Heavy Duty Tape Today to Learn More About Our Black Marking Tape Options

If you’re looking to significantly improve the safety and productivity of your workplace, our floor marking tapes are the perfect solution for you. At Heavy Duty Tape, we strive to make buying floor marking tape and safety signs as easy as possible.

Still not sure which of our products is the best for your warehouse environment? Contact our team today with any questions. We are readily available to assist you with your industrial tape needs.



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