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Mighty Line Tape from Heavy Duty Tape is the ideal product to mark warehouses, oil and gas facilities, and many other industrial settings. Marking with tape can improve productivity and safety in all settings. Our blue floor marking tape has been used nationwide to promote these practices.

Our Options for Solid Blue Floor Tape

With their long-lasting durability and vibrancy, our colored marking tapes are able to maintain integrity within highly trafficked areas. Some of the industrial blue floor marking tape options we carry include:

Approved for 5S implementation, our tape is used in warehouses across the nation for optimal safety in warehouses and other facilities. Blue tape, along with green and black, is used to denote materials or notices, particularly for spaces monitored on a frequent basis.

Blue Marking Tape Capabilities

Having 50-MIL thick tape in your facility will help with many aspects of your warehouse. Some of the benefits of using blue marking tape include:

  • Saving Time – Painting can be a time-consuming process, especially when you are waiting for it to dry. When you switch to marking tape, production can continue immediately after the tape is set in place.
  • Saving Money – Floor paint tends to only last a few months, requiring touch-ups or application several times a year. Not only do the supplies cost more, but the labor costs more, sometimes halting the workflow on the floor.
  • Maintaining a 5S-Approved Space – Our tape withstands the wear and tear of forklift traffic and scrubbing machine cleaning. Unlike paint, the blue floor tape will both maintain its color and shape from regular foot and wheel traffic.

In addition to our solid blue tape, we can create custom designs and signs that match the style of your tape for a uniform look in your warehouse. 

Applying Your Blue Safety Tape

When investing in our durable blue safety tape, you’re setting up your company for success. Using blue floor tape will improve many aspects of your company including organization, safety, and efficiency. 

To apply the blue floor marking tape properly, peel the liner off and place it on a clean, dry surface. Applying the rest of the roll consistently will ensure long-lasting results, with the tape warrantied to stay in place for 3 years. 

Not only is Heavy Duty’s Mighty Line tape easy to apply, but it is also easy to remove! When it’s time to replace your tape, the blue floor tape peels up in one piece with no residue. All you need is a thin tool to reach under the tape’s beveled edges to begin the process. 

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For more information on our production line, feel free to reach out to our team today! We would be happy to help find the right product for you. 

If you’re planning ahead, you can:

  • Order a Sample – In addition to placing an order, we encourage you to try our products yourself! If you’re thinking about purchasing, request a sample to make sure you’re getting the right product for your space.
  • Schedule a Consultation – If you’d like to get a recommendation from one of our team members, or if you aren’t sure what you would like to order, take advantage of our free consultations.
  • Use Our Online Calculator – To keep updated on 5S floor marking practices and our products, use our online marking calculator.

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