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Black and Yellow

At Heavy Duty Tape, we can supply our customers with a wide variety of floor marking tape options, with one offering being our line of black and yellow safety tapes.

These tapes are particularly popular since the colors yellow and black are traditionally used in hazardous areas and many facilities feature such spaces. Read on to discover our available tapes and some of their key benefits!

Our Black and Yellow Floor Tape

Heavy Duty Tape’s black and yellow floor marking tape options include:

  • Mighty Line 2-Inch Yellow Tape with Black Chevrons – This is our narrowest option for yellow and black floor tape, with its two-inch width. The tape is supplied on 100-foot rolls and features a 50-MIL-thick PVC material that’s as thick as two credit cards, a peel-and-stick adhesive backing, and a three-year warranty.
  • Mighty Line 3-Inch Yellow Tape with Black Chevrons – Like all of our tape products, this floor marking tape features beveled edges that allow the tape to withstand constant traffic within your facility. Other features include the peel-and-stick adhesive backing, its 50-MIL-thick PVC material, its 100-foot length for rolls, and more.
  • Mighty Line 4-Inch Yellow Tape with Black Chevrons – Another option we supply for black and yellow floor tape is our 4-inch option. This tape also comes in 100-foot rolls, features beveled edges to ensure it can withstand foot traffic, has the same 50-MIL-thick PVC material, won’t leave any residue when removed, and more!
  • Mighty Line 6-Inch Yellow Tape with Black Chevrons – If you want to mark off a hazardous area in your facility to make it really stand out, our widest tape option at six inches might be the perfect fit. Available in 100-foot rolls, this tape features 50-MIL-thick PVC material, beveled edges, peel-and-stick adhesive backing, and more.

All of our black and yellow floor marking tapes fulfill the needs of the 5S color code standard which was designed to give warehouses and facilities optimal safety.

Under the 5S standard, black and yellow tape: 

  • Indicates areas with potential physical and health hazards, which can include areas with flammable and combustive items or substances
  • Denotes an area where special caution should be exercised by workers when entering, working within, and exiting
  • Often is utilized in areas that feature chemical-based products or materials for machinery

The Benefits of Our Black and Yellow Safety Tape

When you choose Heavy Duty Tape for your floor marking tape, you receive a product with a wealth of advantages, including:

  • Simple installation – Our tapes are easy to install on clean, dry surfaces. All it takes is peeling the liner back and sticking the tape down by hand, or, for more precision, you can utilize our Mighty Liner Floor Tape Applicator.
  • Rugged design– All of our tapes have been crafted with beveled edges on both sides to allow wheels to easily roll over top without catching. And with the 50 MIL thickness of our tapes – as thick as two credit cards – it means the tape can withstand significant traffic, making it warrantied up to 3 years.
  • Easy to remove – Heavy Duty Tape’s products are designed to be quickly and easily removed, leaving no residue behind. Cheaper floor tapes can cause real problems later on when they need to be removed, but our high-quality tapes will save you the hassle.
  • Easy to clean – With our tapes installed, you’ll be able to clean your floors as usual with floor scrubbers or a degreaser. To maintain integrity, we recommend avoiding acids and standing water.

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