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Heavy Duty Tape’s green floor tape is used to improve safety and productivity in oil and gas facilities, warehouses, and a variety of other workplaces. The tape’s beveled edges ensure that it can endure industrial scrubbers and forklift traffic, making it robust and long lasting!

Green 5S Tape from Heavy Duty Tape

Our floor marking tape is available in 5S industry-standard colors and helps to prevent unsafe situations in the workplace. According to the 5S color code, green marking tape in a workplace indicates the following:

  • Used to create a border for materials or components
  • Green, along with blue and black tape, is often used in areas that are frequently monitored

Our 5S floor marking tapes will not fade in color or peel off, therefore ensuring your workplace will stay in order and safe for years to come. Green floor marking tapes from Heavy Duty Tape are the unmatched alternative to painting lines in your facility.

The Right Green Tape for Your Workplace

At Heavy Duty Tape, we offer a variety of green safety tape to ensure you can always find what’s best for your facility. Our line of green floor marking tape includes:

Mighty Line 2" Green Solid Color Tape – This green marking tape is 2 inches wide and comes in a 100-foot roll. It is easy to install and made to last.

Mighty Line 3" Green Solid Color Tape – This 3” green floor tape from Heavy Duty Tape will increase safety and productivity in your workplace. Additionally, the tape’s peel and stick adhesive backing makes application and removal easy and quick.

Mighty Line 4" Green Solid Color Tape – Heavy Duty Tape’s 4-inch by 100-foot roll of green tape is the more durable and cost-effective alternative to painting lines in a warehouse.

Mighty Line 6" Green Solid Color Tape – Our green safety tape is made of long-lasting, 50 MIL thick PVC material. The 6 inch by 100-foot roll is easy to apply and will not leave behind any residue once removed.

Not sure which tape is right for your workplace? Request a sample of green 5S tape and test it out in your facility!

Countless Benefits of Our Green Marking Tape

In addition to increasing safety and organization in your facility, our green floor marking tape offers a variety of additional benefits. Some of these include:

  • Cost savings
  • Quicker application than painting lines
  • Maintains a 5S-approved workplace
  • Withstands industrial traffic
  • Easy to apply with applicator
  • Color does not fade

Contact Heavy Duty Tape for Durable Green Floor Marking Tape

Ready to stop painting lines in your workplace and use tape instead? Heavy Duty Tape offers a variety of tape and safety products designed to improve efficiency and safety. In addition to green tape, we also offer the following: 

Contact the team at Heavy Duty Tape to learn more about any of our products and how we can help you!



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