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Heavy Duty Tape Is the Leader in Erosion Tape for Warehouses and Industrial Facilities

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When managing a large warehouse, key aspects of a workspace include the productivity and safety of a worker’s environment and vehicles. At Heavy Duty Tape, we have the knowledge and experience in working with companies to address these factors, not only helping them find what will work best in their space, but providing a product that will last for years on end.

Our anti-erosion tape promotes a longer life span for machinery, for everything from erosion protection for windmill blades to the life extension of aircraft propellers and helicopter rotors.

Our Erosion Marking Tape

The erosion marking tape we carry has the best adhesion on the market, and can be applied without the use of a primer, which saves time and expenses compared to other companies. We prep these erosion tapes to withstand endless environments and conditions including wind, water, sand, rain, and general wear.

Long-Lasting Anti-Erosion Tape

You don’t just need a product that’s easy to apply, you need a product that will last. Withstanding temperatures as low as -30˚C and as high as 160˚C, this tape has the durability and capability to withstand endless circumstances.

And with our three-year warranty guarantee, even our Mighty Line tape lasts six times longer than paint. Our 50-mil thick and durable tape has been a dependable tool for years on end, and maintains integrity through wheel and forklift traffic when used within your warehouse. So with our anti-erosion tape’s enhanced durability, it truly goes above and beyond.

Ditch the Paint – Use Our Erosion Marking Tape

Whether you’re looking to boost your facility’s efficiency or get the seal of approval during an inspection, our anti-erosion tape covers, fills, and protects fragile areas of machinery to cover and maintain the health of your instruments.

Rather than painting over the same spot with endless coats of paint, our tape will save time, save money, and ensure ease in the application process.

More About Heavy Duty Tape

Heavy Duty Tape helps improve the functionality of company workspaces across the nation. What makes our product different from others is tape thickness, the easy peel-and-stick installation, no-residue removal, and a vibrant, clean appearance that compares to paint.

Your need for thick, durable tape may differ from others, but our product provides a reliable tool no matter the need. Some of the ways our tape has been used include:

    • Traffic lanes
    • Material organization
    • Station specification
    • Hazardous areas
    • Instrument repair and maintenance
    • Vehicle protection

Our team of experts is always answering questions, along with offering free consultations and recommendations for your needs. We are able to create customized products as well, incorporating aspects such as different colors, sizes, and prints for adhesion.

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