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The 5S Color Code Standard

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At Heavy Duty Tape, we have extensive experience in working with companies to provide them with essential products for safety. One key aspect about our tapes is that they adhere to and promote the 5S color code. The 5S color code has prevented many dangerous situations while also promoting productivity in the workspace. Our 5S floor tape is used in factories and warehouses around the nation for optimal safety in every facility, and has been known to be the most durable, longest-lasting tape in the business.

Let’s take a look at the differences in 5S tape colors and what they are used for to make warehouses and facilities safer and more efficient.

5S Floor Tape Color Code for Industrial Workspaces


  • This color is used for traffic lanes, aisle ways, and work cells
  • Ideal for emergency exit and vehicle pathways throughout the facility

Blue, Green, and/or Black

  • Used for materials or notices, which can include resources/raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished work
  • These three colors are most often utilized in spaces that are being monitored on a frequent basis


  • This 5S tape is used to denote any product or material that is held for inspection
  • In any workspace, inspection processes are required to ensure the quality of the product. With an area sectioned off by tape, this secures the space to ensure that no outside items or goods interfere with work being performed


  • This 5S floor tape denotes defects, scrap, rework, and red tag areas
  • This bright color is used as a warning for workers so they won’t use damaged equipment that may harm them, or come into contact with sharp objects that resulted from breakage or partial use 


  • Used for equipment that is not color coded under a different system, which could include display stands, racks, and more
  • This tape is essential for owners to section off general areas such as a resting location in the factory

Red and White

  • This denotes areas to remain clear for safety reasons, such as eyewash stations, safety showers, first aid cabinets, electrical areas, and more
  • Areas where this tape is found tend to be sterile environments or dangerous locations if interacted with improperly, meaning this 5S floor tape is important for promoting safety in the workplace

Black and White

  • This color is for areas intended to remain clear for operational necessities
  • In a warehouse, this product is used around machinery areas and places of heavy traffic

Black and Yellow

  • This denotes areas with possible physical and health hazard exposure, such as flammable or combustive material containers; it also indicates that special caution should be used when entering, working within, and exiting the area
  • Most areas outlined with this tape include chemical-based products or materials for machinery. Essentially, this tape is perfect for the “look both ways” rule when in that area 

    Insider Tips for Usage 

    Now that these various 5S tapes have been outlined, let’s look at some best practices for implementing them within your facility. When placing, please consider:

    • Using a limited amount of colors based on the needs of your facility to make things simple for your staff
    • Educating employees in the specifics of the color code, using charts/color info sheets to help
    • Using the same colors for the same type of products, or whatever organizational system you find relevant, such as by material type or size
    • Ensuring uniformity across your facility

    These tips and tricks for the 5S tape will create efficiency and safety in your warehouse, so be sure to keep them in mind as you utilize your tape.

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