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Mighty Line 4” Yellow Reflective Floor Tape

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Organized warehouses are a part of the backbone of successful businesses. They operate at all times of day, causing the amount of natural light to be unpredictable. When you need a reliable solution for an organized and productive facility in even areas with minimal lighting, try optimizing your space using our yellow reflective floor tape.

Applications of Our Reflective Marking Tape

Reflective floor tape is a great solution for facilities that are in dimly lit areas or have light that is blocked by racks, storage items, and more. We have 4” wide by 75’ long rolls of our reflective marking tape for use in your facility to help direct traffic at all times of day, in different kinds of lighting.

For example, if the lights go out in your facility, the reflective marking tape will provide your team with guidance for a safe exit. Also, it can prevent your forklifts from traveling through areas where hazards are present. Lastly, you might use it for guiding trucks for loading and unloading in the dark. Made to stay in place, our reflective floor marking tape can provide visible direction without you worrying about it peeling up at the edges or tearing.

Benefits of Using Our 4” Yellow Tape with a Reflective Center Line

Our reflective floor tape is smooth, easy to clean, and slip resistant, making it ideal for any part of your facility. Simply clean the area to which you want to apply the tape, make sure it is completely dry, and then peel and stick to the floor. Walking over the tape after application will help the tape stay in place through continuous foot and wheel traffic.

Check out the additional benefits of using our tape below:

  • Durability – Our reflective marking tape is extremely durable, as it features a cloth adhesive with rubber. It is 50 MIL thick, which is equivalent to the thickness of two credit cards. This contributes to its strength, and leads to its ability to withstand the force of industrial scrubbers during cleaning. Additionally, this reflective tape features beveled edges to prevent the edges from peeling up in areas of extreme traffic.
  • Versatility – Not only do we have a large selection of tape, but our tapes can also last in a variety of conditions and can be applied to many different environments. We suggest that you apply your tape when the temperature is between 40 °F and 150 °F and make sure that the area it serves is between -10 °F and 150 °F. With the ability to service a wide variety of climates, this tape is perfect for almost any area of your facility.
  • Cost-efficiency – Our 4” yellow floor tape with a reflective center line is able to save you both time and money. When you opt to use floor tape, you save yourself the cost of paint, labor, frequent touch-ups, and downtime. Additionally, our tape is backed by a three-year warranty in case our product does not perform to your expectations.

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If you are looking for a way to optimize the productivity, safety, and overall organization of your facility, be sure to check out our collection of reflective floor marking tape.

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