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Mighty Line, Black, Arrow, 10" by 6", pack of 50

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Black Mighty Line Floor Arrows are 10” by 6”. Mighty Line arrows are a great floor safety marking tool. These arrows are warrantied to stay on your floor for 3 years and can withstand industrial wheel traffic. Mighty Line floor marking arrows can point pedestrians towards safety in emergency situations.


  • Brand: Mighty Line
  • Color: Black
  • How to Apply: peel and stick to clean, dry floor
  • Thickness: 50 MIL industrial strength, PVC
  • Edge: Dual beveled edge, industrial wheels roll over smoothly
  • Material: PVC
  • Surface: Smooth, Easy to Clean, Slip Resistant
  • Adhesive: Extremely durable, dual sided, rubber, cloth adhesive
  • Application Temperature: 40°F to 150°F (4.5°C to 65°C)
  • Service Temperature: -10°F to 150°F (-23°C to 65°C)
    • UPC Code: 815035012467
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Weight: 6 pounds
    • Lead Time: 1 same day ship item, 2 day ship across USA
    mighty liner applicator

    Easy to Install

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    beveled edges

    Withstands Forklift Traffic

    clean floor tape removal

    Easy To Remove

    floor tape close up

    Easy to Keep Clean

    Customer Video: Making a safe walkway with Mighty Line



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